Got a lot of nice things I can do without
You can take ‘em all away, I won’t scream, I won’t shout
You can even take my computer and my cable TV
These days it seems they don’t mean that much to me

I’d leave it all behind
I don’t even think I’ll miss it
Got a lot on my mind
Just thinking of you

The minute you’re gone is the minute I miss you
The world stands still ‘til the moment I kiss you
Isn’t it funny how I can’t get enough of you
The more I’m with you the more I need you
The world turns cold when I can’t see you
Isn’t it funny how I can’t get enough of
I can’t get enough of
I can’t get enough of you

And all the restaurants, I think I’ve had my fill
And all the sports and the movies have lost their thrill
And even when I hit the road, just wanna come back home
It’s even hard to write song or a decent poem

Cuz when I’m alone
I can’t seem to concentrate
And now there’s nothing to show
I’m just sitting here thinking of you

People always say now, everything in moderation
But they don’t understand the way I feel
They will never know how, you will be my one salvation
And you can never have too much of that

Bring me to a five-day feast, but I won’t take a bite
Nothing seems to quench my single-minded appetite
You’re looking at a dim light baby, but I know what’s bright
The smartest thing to do is never let you out of my sight

I’m asleep at the wheel when you’re gone
Dreaming is my travel agent
But I’ll wake up for real
If I know that you’ll be there