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Dreamers in dreamland is the new single from Rob Meany and Terramara. It’s a song about walking the beaches in Los Angeles, and feeling an endless sense of possibility and timelessness. Enjoy!

This song is an example of the great collaboration between singer-songwriter Rob Meany and the band Terramara, with ace production by Andy Thompson (Dessa, Jeremy Messersmith). It captures in a few short minutes the sense of timelessness and endless possibility that a young artist might feel when first moving to LA to pursue their dreams. A very descriptive and colorful narrative takes the listener through a day walking the beaches between Santa Monica and Venice Beach. The sound is at once energetic and contemplative. An atmospheric and cinematic production that highlights the dreamlike quality of living in LA.

released September 15, 2023
Written by Rob Meany. Copyright © 2023. All rights reserved.


Rob Meany — lead and background vocals, acoustic guitar
Karl Koopmann — electric guitars
James Towns — electric bass
David Thomas — drums
Ken Chastain — percussion

Recorded at Meantone Music Studio by Rob Meany
Additional recording at the Library Recording Studio, engineered by Matt Patrick
Mixed by Andy Thompson.
Mastered by Matt Patrick.

Cover Artwork: Don Bratland
all rights reserved


Feel that warm wind rushing by you
See that ocean meet the hot sand
Hustlers hustling under palm trees
Gotta hawk those trinkets to dreamers here in dreamland

And in that brilliant light time stops cold
And we can live and not grow old
Find yourself on that shore
Lost in time forevermore

Vendors lining steamy sidewalks
Gawkers gather for the freak show
Bright red sunset on the skyline
Waves are washing down the afterglow

And in that fading light time stops cold
And we can live and not grow old
Find yourself down by that shore
Lost in time forevermore

Wind your way under the street lamps
Taste that chill in the night air
Lose your mind I’m gonna find you
Running down the avenue that leads to nowhere

And in that pale moonlight time stops cold
And we can live and never, never grow old
You’re gonna find yourself down by that shore
Lost in time forevermore