From the recordings Complete Recordings and Beautiful Circles

Written by Rob Meany. All rights reserved. 2023


Rob Meany — lead and background vocals, piano, electric piano, synth
Karl Koopmann — electric and acoustic guitars
James Towns — electric bass
David Thomas — drums

Recorded and produced at Meantone Music Studio by Rob Meany.
Mixed by Andy Thompson.
Mastered by Matt Patrick at the Library Recording Studio
Drums recorded at Boom Island Studio, engineered by Greg Schutte

Special thanks to these folks for lending their spoken word vocals:

John Meany
Christopher Meany
Michelle Meany
Maria Tolosa
Connor Meany
Julie Meany
Davide Raso
John Fields
Owen Sartori
Elsa Lee
Christine Schmidt
Mark Raduenz
Brett Sherman
Andy Thompson Family
Daniel Moir
Holly Welch


Beautiful circles
Tattoo the landscape
Lifting our spirits
Here in the liquid dark

Out in the cornfield
They will receive us
Waiting in silence
We keep a watchful eye

And you and I
We can explain
The message is so clear
And when it’s time
We’ll face the light
And fly so high
We can’t see ground

Midnight approaching
We feel the trembling
Off in the distance
Beams of majestic light

Spangled reflections
Span all directions
We can be sure now
Let all your fears subside

Bathed in steel
Bursting through the clouds
Domes of life
Shine so bright, so bright
We close our eyes

And you and I
Will fall in line
And follow all the signs
I wore my head out
Making sense
But I won’t resist
We’ll join the mind