Running Down the Avenue

Oh, you found a woman now don't let her slip away while you run around
There's no meter running, you'll wait another day
You're cool, your friends think it's funny
Thick shades cuz the forecast is sunny
You think twice that it's all about money
Don't you think someone could love you?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Running down the avenue
Street lights and signs rushing by your head
You can't remember what she said
Hide in the crowd 'til you know you're the last man standing by
And everyone you care for has left you far behind
Running down the avenue

Oh, what was the reason you gave her on the street last night?
You left in a hurry, never let her see you cry
Oh, your fortress is burning
The door's locked but the key starts a turning
You're scared stiff of the things she'll be learning
Don't you think that she could love you?

You got a reason why?

There's no prescription here that can open up your heart
You've got to break yourself in two and give someone a part