1. Crying Shame


Crying Shame

You crashed the party with your pigtails in the air
(I watched you) You worked the crowded room with a cold and steady stare
My heart's palpitating and I sweat from every pore
And then my feet start crusading for a shuffle toward the door
You touched my elbow and you asked me how I'd been
I must be passing on, notify my next of kin
I'm feeling better and I asked if she's fine
She said "I wish things were different" and I often crossed her mind
Are you coming back again?

Every time I see you it's a crying shame
How could things between us ever be the same?
When I think about it don't know who's to blame
Now you're coming back again?

You dropped some hints and flashed a nervous little smile
I've been down that road before, I can't go another mile
Been thinking lately about our summers on the shore
And how you took me riding but you always wanted more
I pledge allegiance to this many splendored thing we had
But I can't take a fallen bird and teach it how to sing
And we can't go back to high school and just start it all again
You said that looking back was such a mortal sin
Are you coming back again?