Outrunning Headlights

Hey, hey sensei
What was the Truth today?
Cuz I think I've lost my way
And I can't go back

Has been, should of been
I wanna start my whole life again
And this time I'll be a friend
When you need me to

And there's no reason now to live your life in a permanent shadow
And I remember when we had it all worked out
But I'm still in the dark, silent and stark
Outrunning headlights again

A long day, I can't play
I gotta put all my dreams away
Cuz I got these bills to pay
And not enough time for you

Smacked down, broke my crown
But there's not a soul around
To hear if I made a sound
In the wilderness

Why can't I slow down and think it through?
Why can't I play by the rules? (Every now and then)
Can't see what's out ahead, Can't see what's in my head
So I close my eyes and roll down the road again

Hey, hey sensei
What's your excuse today?
Did you grow feet of clay
While the years went by

Anytime I go blind
you won't be far behind
To lead me to where I'll find
A light ahead