Four Blocks to Hennepin

They got the bad cop
Down at the bus stop
He's gonna trash talk
Make you walk in his vicinity

You got to make right
Here in the moonlight
Who wants to burn bright
Lose the fight, leave in a body bag

In my mind there's no regret
On these streets they won't forget

Four blocks to Hennepin
Drop the suitcase with the piece and the photographs
Three blocks to Hennepin
Got to feel safe with the boys in the back seat
Two blocks to Hennepin
Leave the lights on when you park by the Cadillac
One block to Hennepin

He shot the first round
Blood on the cold ground
He's got you face down
Gagged and bound, no where to run away

Out on the stone bridge
You walk the thin ledge
You can't escape your thoughts of her
They run right through you