1. Dragonfly

From the recordings Terramara and Complete Recordings



I ran into an old man sitting on a park bench
Said he was at least 19 when he fought the war
He told me if the big one hits, he's gonna have to buy new mitts
For his ugly poodle

I watched him take a long, fat cigar from his jacket
I watched him blow a big smoke ring up into the clouds
He said he never shot a man
He never shot a man who didn't have his boots on

And he said:
Hold your head up when the skies are gray
And all your colors seem to wash away
Most men crumble when their days grow long
But you and I will never fade
No, we'll never fade

He slowly pulled a tattered photo from his wallet
He said it was the only earthly angel he'd ever known
He lost her on a cold, black night
It was a tragic fight with the influenza

He wiped away single teardrop with his finger
And as he rose to leave, you know, I saw him start to laugh
He told me if the good ones die
He wants to be a dragonfly in a future life