1. Diamond Life

From the recordings Terramara and Complete Recordings


Diamond Life

You followed the directions
And made the right connections
And everything is going exactly as you planned it in your life
In your life
But you woke up this morning
Like a clown who was performing
To the audience conforming
With the stale jokes and routines you borrowed
That you borrowed

And out on the playground you see children are at play
And something inside you says you've thrown it all away
They have the spark that is fading with every step you take
Does it shine in your little diamond life?

They don't have the money
Or covet the possessions
Or care about the power
Or cultivate obsessions like you do
Like you do
And ordinary people with ordinary problems
And ordinary reasons for reaching to the bottom of this life
Don't have much more

August light is rich today
There's still time for you to say
You won't live and you won't die for diamonds