1. Yesteryear

From the recordings Terramara and Complete Recordings



You don't think time really matters
Wait here and the train's gonna shatter your roadblocks
And grind you into dust
Trends fall with a change in the weather
Why try to put 'em back together
With duct tape and strands of musty thread

These are the days we're living in the haze of yesteryear
When you were young and everywhere you looked was green and clear
These are the days we're living in a boomer biosphere
Someday you'll find the air is not so bad outside

You can laugh at my clothes if you want to
But you're a debriefed statue holding onto the past
Let's see how long you last
Watching reruns of Leave It To Beaver
When are you gonna trade in the Cleaver
For Beavis and Butthead's little smirk?

We're just counting off the weekends
Running after leaves, running out of time
We try to take back what we lost
No matter what it costs
To the here and now

Doesn't matter if you've been there done that
You've found a home there and now you never wanna come back
To read tomorrow's mail
One day you're a crack theologian
Ten years and you're passing out the Trojans at K-Mart
Just look how far you've come