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Your Mother's Eyes

Some say old days are best forgotten
And I know history is on your side
Found your number and held it all these years
But I couldn't let it go before I tried

You've got some pictures on the wall
You've got some letters in your room
You've got your mother's eyes
They always sympathize
When all you got was such a dirty trick

Your hand's shaking upon the wheel
My mind's aching to make it real
You've got your doubts, I know that I've got mine
But I've never been so sure of this before

Someone overstepped their bounds tonight
Someone else is in your head tonight
But one last time for one lost soul
One last time to make it whole

And driving down the riverside
When conversation turned and died
And all the words you said to me
Fade out like empty litanies
And in the rearview mirror I see
What they were supposed to be
In your mother's eyes