Rob Meany - piano and vocals
The Laurels String Quartet: Josh Misner - violin, Jesse Peterson - violin, Erica Burton - viola, and Cory Grossman - cello


I turn the lights out and I check behind the door
There's no monster waiting there or on the floor
I know that picture book just makes you want to cry
I know you want to ask me now a thousand questions why

Good night
You don't have to worry
When sleepy eyes turn blurry I will watch for you
Good night
Dream of all the good things
Most of what you fear now isn't real
Good night
I will always be here
Holding you if you can't fall asleep
Holding you until you fall asleep

Through the window mister moon shows us his face
Squeaks and shadows come and go without a trace
Shooting stars are falling from a brilliant sky
And all you want to ask me is a thousand questions why