Rob Meany - piano and vocals
Pete Hennig - drums
Doan Brian Roessler - acoustic bass
Karl Koopmann - electric guitar
Andy Thompson - background vocals


Go on and do what you wanted
Go on and say what you mean
You know that I will be haunted
Say what you want, you’ve already walked through the door

Now I’m not a hero but I won’t let you down
Say that you want me and I’ll be around
I’m not a millionaire
Don’t have a lot up there
I don’t have much but I’ll give it all to you
That much I already know

How long ‘til we change direction
How long ‘til waters run dry
You know that I don’t have answers
But leave me today, leave me and we’ll never know

And you’ve got a secret world you keep inside
And you’ve got a careful heart you wanna hide
You speak in riddles and you never show your hand
I won’t let it go
I won’t walk away
I’ll never let somebody take my place with you
That much I already know