Rob Meany - acoustic guitar, Wurlitzer electric piano, piano and vocals
Alexander Young - drums
Andrew Foreman - acoustic bass
Andy Thompson - electric guitar, organ and background vocals


Waking up to the smoke and the burning
You are leaving and won't be returning
We are watching our memories go up in flames

All the love that we gave to each other
From the ashes we’ll never recover
Our house is divided with no one to blame

And I know you will go
I have nothing to show
But a picture of you and of me

Making plans to get back together
Like a ball at the end of a tether
We are batting down forces beyond our

Everyday now the view becomes clearer
And your image recedes in the mirror
'Til I'm just a speck at the opposite end of the earth

And I know I am blind
All illusions are mine
But I stand here like nothing will change

How can we look ahead
When all our dreams are dead
A lifetime of regret
Or a chapter in book that we will soon forget

(Instrumental solo)

In a time of great tribulation
Steady words calmed the fears of a nation
We must always look forward and never look back

Final Chorus
And I know you had to go
And I don't have much to show
But a picture of you and of me

And I know I was blind
All illusions so unkind
And I see now that everything's changed

Everything's changed
Everything's changed
Everything's changed