1. Cover of Snow


Rob Meany - piano and vocals
David Thomas - drums
James Towns - bass
Karl Koopmann - electric guitar
Andy Thompson - electric guitar and background vocals
Alex Wright - background vocals
The Laurels String Quartet: Josh Misner - violin, Jesse Peterson - violin, Erica Burton - viola, and Cory Grossman - cello


Winter comes early to this quiet country town
But it never comes easy and it seldom makes a sound
I know we had summer and most of the fall
To find out where we're going
And if there's a future in it all
A future in it all

And the cover of snow makes it all so clear
And the cover of snow makes the messy parts disappear
In the cover of snow I'm finally frozen out
In the cover of snow

You drew my portrait out there in the sand
Now there's no trace of it, I remember what I can
You said you can't live here so far from the sun
You said you want answers, I gave you just one
I gave you only one