Rob Meany - piano and vocals
Andy Thompson - drums and background vocals
James Towns - bass
Karl Koopmann - electric guitar
Ryan Meany - cello


So I heard you've given up
You really don't believe in love
It's all hoax, a circus ride
An empty box with a note inside

And now no place is far enough
Or high enough, or deep enough
To bury all those memories you've hoarded all these years

So we go round and round
Like Ferris Wheels unbound
You can't stop and you can't slow down
Some days up, then down

I'm leaving all the same
They say I'm going down the drain
Phantom figures haunt these halls
Silence screams when the darkness falls

And Old Man Winter’s got a lot to say
He'll call it off in the month of May
Just in time to see me fade away


Solo (Verse)

Verse3 (Half Verse)
Thought I heard your voice today
From thousand miles away
Another senseless casualty
I never wanted anyone to bleed

Chorus + Tags:
Some days up then down
Some days up then down
Someday we’ll come down
We’ll come down