1. In Your Arms

From the recordings Dust & Fiction and Complete Recordings


You've got your heart in this fight tonight
And you won't let go
Through rain and sleet and snow
Whichever way the wind will blow
You say you can't forget her

Can't get inside of your head tonight
There's a wall so high
Built by fears and lies
It' just another silly alibi
It's all imagination

She'll come back to you (you know she will)
And you'll go back to her (it never was in doubt)
Your stars will find their place
It's an emptiness you can't replace
A smile will finally find your face
When she's in your arms

It all began on a drunken night
You wanna move so fast
But she's got something in her past
She's wonders how a love will last
But she won't give a reason

You shared a room and you shared your heart
But she won't let go
Something pulls her eyes down low
She left a note, she needs some time
She said she won't forget you

She called you late on a Sunday night
She said it's all my fault
My world was full of doubt
But I still want to work this out
If you could just forgive me