1. Solar Meltdown

From the recordings Dust & Fiction and Complete Recordings


Some might say that we had it made
That we had something strong enough to last forever
And some might say that our words got in the way
But can't you hear the silence of a broken heart

Some might say I should learn to walk away
And I always look for sunshine when the rain falls down
I've had my fill, and I took my poison pill
Now I'm waiting for a ransom and a solar meltdown

I'll never take it all for granted
And I'll never let you down again
You're all that I need
And I'm not afraid to bleed
If I could just be with you again

Some might say that you led me far astray
And you promised me you'd never find somebody new
Words dry up like Kool-Aid from a plastic cup
And now you won't be calling me on Friday evening

Suddenly I'm raw in inside
On the barren sidewalks without a guide
Now I can remember what you meant to me

October days, November nights
I'm drowning in a sea of spite
I'm drinking through the holidays
Without a drop of sense

And some might say I'm waiting for a ghost
But now's the time I need you the most
And I still hear you laughing like you're standing next to me