I recorded this new version in parts. First I found a good-sounding grand piano in one studio, and recorded the piano part at a more relaxed 162 Beats Per Minutes instead of 170. Then I brought that Pro Tools session with just the piano part recorded to another studio and had the drummer rerecord his part to that. I had the bass player come over to my home studio to get his part rerecorded. I recorded the rest of the instruments and the vocals there as well.

I happen to have a cello player over recording some music for another project and I asked him to play on this song. I had envisioned a cello following the bass/piano arpeggio line because it worked nicely with the how the cello is set up. The root, fifth, tenth arpeggio pattern you often hear on cello, and this one happens to be C, G, E most of the time - C being that rich, beautiful, open low string on the cello. I thought a cello might work on the solo section as well, and after a few takes, we got a good one.

I also had a guitar player do some acoustic strumming throughout.