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Brooklyn Bridge

Verse 1
Left Mississippi and never looked back, twenty one and not much older
Arrived Manhattan, there were runways paved with satin, and a small bag 'cross her shoulder
She's got those shoes and nothing to lose but a long pipe dream that's burning
She's in the game for fortune and fame and the big wheel starts a turning

Well, you found your way down the road to nowhere
All you ever wanted was your face in a magazine
Well, I found the same and I want you to take me down
Wanna lose myself in the shadow of this Brooklyn Bridge

Verse 2
Photoshoots and screentests and interviews and all those endless auditions
Never seemed to help her get her foot through the door
God help her please she's getting down on her knees and still there's no one calling on the phone
Ran out of money and took to the streets, selling all her charms to strangers
Ran out of luck and was pretty messed up when I found her lying at my doorstep


Verse 3
Hey now sister won't you take my hand, we're gonna walk this road together
I wanna meet you at the water's edge where our troubled lives won't find us