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This song was written to benefit the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Kizuna LLC would like to share this song and video with you in hopes that you will consider donating to its charity of choice: <a href = "">The Japan NGO Earthquake Relief And Recovery Fund </a>. Recorded by Rob Meany and David J. Russ. Mastering by Greg Rierson. Music and lyrics Copyright © 2011 Rob Meany.


These Bonds この絆

We know your world is shattered
We feel it too
We know your dreams are scattered
Among the ruins
But remember there is something
Stronger than any storm
Feel these bonds of friendship
Arriving on your shore
And these bonds will unite us
These bonds never break
And weʼll all stand together
ʻTil a smile returns to your face
And youʼre whole
Youʼre whole again
この 絆
Kono Kizuna

あなた の 世界 が
Anata no sekai ga
がれき の 中 に
Gareki no naka ni
夢 が 消え
Yume ga kie

でも どんな 嵐 が
Demo donna arashi ga
友 の 絆 に
Tomo no kizuna ni

この 絆 で
Kono kizuna de
とも に 歩こう
Tomo ni arukou
笑顔 が 戻る まで
Egao ga modoru made
戻る まで
Modoru made
戻る まで
Modoru made