Songs in Progress - Free Song Download Series - "Can't Get Enough Of You"

Hey all - here's the next tune in my free song demo download series. This is a really fresh one from about a month ago called "Can't Get Enough Of You". Remember these demos are just simple recordings done to capture the song as soon as I finish writing it. I think there's a lot more I could do with this song production-wise, but here is the basic layout. Hope you enjoy it. You can download it and all the previous demos on the Download Music page.

I have been playing a lot of shows lately, which has been great. Check out my Shows page for the next one near you. Just a couple highlights: I am now performing every Wednesday night at Casa Bistro in Lakeville from 6-9 pm. Also, I am planning a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska this fall to play a show with my friend, Daniel Christian, on Friday, Nov. 15. If you live anywhere in Iowa or Nebraska, I am looking for venues to play along the way. Send me your ideas.

Hope to see you at an upcoming show!

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