Rob's Songs In Progress Free MP3 #4 - Lonely Boy (Demo)

I just posted the fourth song in my free music series, "Songs In Progress". It's called "Lonely Boy" and you simply have to enter your e-mail and get a code to download this track on the Download Music page.

This one is a more recent song, probably written in the last six months or so, and as always, it is a homemade demo. That being said, I did spend some extra time and effort on this one because I had somewhat of an idea for the production. So you will hear that I have layered in some other instruments as I might arrange them if/when I do a proper recording of the song.

This song struck me as benefitting from a more full arrangement, and for some reason I heard strings, but maybe just a quartet at most. Also, I wanted it to build a bit, so I added the drums and bass only as we get further into the song. It might be one of my more unusual arrangements because the song finishes with a rather elaborate instrumental part. Don't ask me where that came from, but it seemed to fit, and a vocal line over it just felt unnecessary.

Anyway, enjoy the song, and if you have any issues with downloading, please send me a note. I will send you the file directly. Also, if you missed any of the earlier demos in this series, you can now download all of them from the Download Music page.

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