Rob's Songs In Progress Free MP3 #2 - Never Say Goodbye (Demo)

Last Sunday, I sent out the second song demo in my on-going series, Songs In Progress.   The song is called, "Never Say Goodbye", and it's a musical response to an earlier song I wrote called "Goodbye".   When I looked back on "Goodbye", which was released on Terramara's second album, Four Blocks To Hennepin, I felt it was a little pessimistic and one-sided.   There was a certain finality to the "goodbye" in that song.  

The other side of the story can be found in this new song, "Never Say Goodbye".   Here I tried to paint a picture of a relationship where you never have to say goodbye - a life-long commitment to another person.  It seems we are always saying goodbye to someone.  It's a rare thing to have a person who will be in your life forever.   Maybe this song is a bit over-the-top optimistic in the same way the other was pessimistic.   But you can never have too many "silly love songs", right?  By the same token, I think the song captures a sense that relationships have a lot of ups and downs, and require a lot of effort to maintain. Maybe the narrator in this song has not been the perfect partner, but realizes this and is trying hard to work things out.

This first version of Never Say Goodbye was recorded right here in my home studio as just a piano/vocal demo.  I'm excited to see how it can flower with some other added instruments in a future production, but I still think I will try to to keep it simple.  I don't think it needs a lot of production to make it shine.

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