Inside The Songwriter's Workshop

I have been writing a lot new songs in hopes of releasing a new album in 2013.   I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 22-25 finished songs.   Each of them is in various stages of development.   Some I have already recorded in a proper studio with some fantastic musicians, while others are simple vocal/piano demos recorded in my home studio.   Some are polished, some are raw, some might be rewritten or scrapped altogether.  

Making records can take a long time. So instead of making everyone wait until the release to hear a single note, I would like to share the songwriting and recording process with you. My hope is to take you behind the scenes to see how the songs take shape, and also get feedback on which song ideas are resonating with you.  

Every two weeks or so, I will send out a link to download a new song demo.  I haven't picked a starting date yet, but I will e-mail everyone in the next month with all the details.

Thanks for all your support.

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