House Concerts

What is a house concert? They are an intimate concert between an artist and fan in the comfort of the fan’s home.  A growing number of music fans have opened their doors to this idea that benefits both the audience and the performers. Music lovers are literally taking matters into their own homes. And they call it a “House Concert”.

House Concerts range in size from just you and a few of your friends sitting around listening to an artist, to performances with 30 or 40 people in the room. ‘Intimate’ is the word that comes to mind. And isn't that what music should be?

As you might guess, house concert hosts are not in it for the money. It’s all about enjoying and sharing a musical experience. You’re inviting guests into your home to enjoy an evening of ‘live’ music…it’s just like any other party…only you don’t need to load the CD player.

Do the artists get paid? Yes. Musicians work for a living. Their job is to entertain and they should be paid for it. The fee for the artist, however, does not necessarily fall to the hosts, When inviting your guests, let them know you are suggesting a donation to be collected at the door. This goes directly to the artist. It’s also quite helpful to send out email invites, and then have your guests RSVP by email.

Feel free to contact me when you're ready to schedule your own concert, or, if you have any further questions on how it all works. For further reading here are some good articles from Billboard Magazine and by Justin Roth and the Doubleclicks.

And of course, I'll be happy to cater to your specific needs for any private event; either as a solo artist, as a duo, or with the full band.  E-mail me at rob (at)

I look forward to playing the next show in your home!

House Concert Tips

1) Start small. Invite a dozen, or so friends over to hear a local singer/songwriter. Suggest a donation of $10-$15 per person for everyone who attends the show.

2) Invite only as many as your room will hold comfortably. Folding chairs and throw pillows are all acceptable. Make the atmosphere a relaxed one.

3) Create a clear space to be utilized as the “stage”, and ample space for the audience as well. Even though it's an informal setting, try to give the performer the most visible spot in the room or area you are using for the show.

4) Be sure to let your guests know there will be two 'sets' during the evening. The first typically starting around 7:30pm (exact set times should always be worked out in advance between performer and host). The break between sets is part of the real charm of the House Concert. This gives the guests a chance to meet and chat with the artist.

5) Provide a small table that is easily accessible to your guests, so that the artist may display 'merch' items such as CD's, DVD's, and even books. Many artists rely on merch sales as a part of their regular income. When your guests purchase a CD, they can enjoy the music whenever they like, AND support the artist directly.

6) Personalize the event. Make the night feel less formal and more personal. Offer your guests wine and beer, like you would at any gathering in your home. It's certainly okay to have a full-bar available, just try to remember not to turn on the blender to mix those margaritas during the performance.

7) Ask your guests to 'silence' their cell phones during the performance...and enjoy YOUR show.