Rob's Songs In Progress Free MP3 #3 - A Quiet Desire (Demo) 

Today I bring you the third song demo in my ongoing series "Songs In Progress". This new one is called "A Quiet Desire" and is a simple guitar/vocal arrangement at this point. To hear this new song demo, sign up for my mailing list. I will send you a free download code.

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, it may come as a surprise that I even play guitar. "What's this?", you say, "Why, he has always played piano or keyboards in all the years I have known him". Well the truth is, dear reader, I learned to play acoustic guitar back in high school, but never played it much throughout my years as an active musician. Keys are my main instrument and it just made more sense for me to write and perform on them when playing with a rock band. And I have been playing in bands for most of my career. The beloved old acoustic guitar has gathered dust in my closet ever since.

Now that I have been writing some solo material, I thought it might be interesting to go back to the guitar. I have often heard that writing on a different instrument can take you in a new direction musically and wanted to see what that would sound like. Since I don't play guitar as well as piano, let's be honest, my choices for chords and harmonies are somewhat more limited, or maybe just different. Either way, I think the songs do come out sounding different - hopefully in a good, fresh sort of way. I will leave it to you to make that determination....

The next song demo will go out on around May 19th.  Stay tuned!

Rob's Songs In Progress Free MP3 #2 - Never Say Goodbye (Demo) 

Last Sunday, I sent out the second song demo in my on-going series, Songs In Progress.   The song is called, "Never Say Goodbye", and it's a musical response to an earlier song I wrote called "Goodbye".   When I looked back on "Goodbye", which was released on Terramara's second album, Four Blocks To Hennepin, I felt it was a little pessimistic and one-sided.   There was a certain finality to the "goodbye" in that song.  

The other side of the story can be found in this new song, "Never Say Goodbye".   Here I tried to paint a picture of a relationship where you never have to say goodbye - a life-long commitment to another person.  It seems we are always saying goodbye to someone.  It's a rare thing to have a person who will be in your life forever.   Maybe this song is a bit over-the-top optimistic in the same way the other was pessimistic.   But you can never have too many "silly love songs", right?  By the same token, I think the song captures a sense that relationships have a lot of ups and downs, and require a lot of effort to maintain. Maybe the narrator in this song has not been the perfect partner, but realizes this and is trying hard to work things out.

This first version of Never Say Goodbye was recorded right here in my home studio as just a piano/vocal demo.  I'm excited to see how it can flower with some other added instruments in a future production, but I still think I will try to to keep it simple.  I don't think it needs a lot of production to make it shine.

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Songs In Progress Launched! 

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming response to my little songwriting adventure.  Next track coming atcha on April 21st.  This series is meant exclusively for my e-mail fan list, but I am sharing the first installment here on the Music Download page so everyone can see what this is about.   It's a free mini-album called Afterlife: The Evolution of a Song.   Or you can hear just final demo SoundCloud

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